Once a Sapper, Always a Sapper.

The Royal Australian Engineers Association of Victoria is an incorporated association open to all serving and former members of the Royal Australian Engineers; people who are serving or have served in RAE units and military engineers from the armed forces of allied countries.  Associate Membership is available to people who support the association but do not meet the military service membership criteria.

Follow the Sapper

The Royal Australian Engineers Association (Vic) is an association of serving and retired army engineers (sappers).  The association works to benefit the sapper community with its primary focus being on the family of serving and retired sappers in Victoria.

Vision Statement

The Royal Australian Engineers Association (Victoria) Incorporated will be the most relevant and recognized Sapper Association in Victoria with a substantial membership and an enhanced profile and standing within the serving and retired sapper community.

Mission Statement

To promote the wellbeing and betterment of our members along with serving and retired sappers by the provision of a collegiate sapper association that values and promotes comradeship, esprit de corps, service identity and traditions.


  • Increase the Association's membership.
  • Develop the capacity of the Association to communicate with the serving and retired sapper community through the enhancement of the Association's journal "Sapper Summit" and through an internet presence.
  • Establish and enhance the relevance of the Association to all sappers - serving and retired.
  • Undertake the research and recording of sapper history in Victoria.
  • Provide sappers with an organized identity for participation in ANZAC Day and other commemorative events.
  • Promote the achievements of 22 Engineer Regiment and those of its members.
  • Disseminate information relating to sapper events and activities.
  • Recognize and acknowledge excellence and achievement within the sapper community.
  • Provide and promote awareness of welfare issues and resources relevant to service personnel.
  • Promote mateship.
  • Promote esprit de corps between all members of the sapper family.
  • Maintain and promote the traditions and achievements of the Australian Defence Force in general and the Royal Australian Engineers in particular.
  • Seek continual improvement in administrative practices to ensure members receive optimal value for the membership fees and donations.
  • Liaise with and develop co-operative working arrangements with like organizations and associations.
  • Formally develop succession planning for key appointments within the Association.
  • Raise funds to support these objectives and other Association priorities that may arise from time to time.

Once a Sapper, Always a Sapper

"Sapper" is term now given to all members of the Royal Australian Engineers. Many other armies of British descent have also adopted the term to describe military engineers. The term originally comes from the term "to sap". This was the art of digging trenches, particularly during sieges to enable the infantry to get close enough to the fortified position to conduct an assault. The diggers were known as sappers.


Mottoes of the Royal Australian Engineers

"Facimus et Frangimus" - We make and we break - This is the original motto of Australian Engineers adopted at Federation and appearing on the engineer hat badge up until 1947. It now only appears on the Corps Cipher.

"Ubique" - Everywhere - This motto was originally bestowed on Engineers and Gunners by King William IV in 1832 in recognition that both Sappers and Gunners where not entitled to carry Regimental Colours.

"Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense" - Evil to he who evil thinks - This motto which appears around the Garter on the Corps hat badge is also the motto of the Order of the Garter. 

Membership Categories

1.     Ordinary Members and Associate Members (members who support the Association but do not meet service membership criteria) who pay their subscriptions by 1st of January receive a receipt.

2.     Concessional Life Membership.  A member, who upon reaching the age of 65years (prior to 1st of January of the membership year) may elect to make a one off payment equal to ten times the annual subscription for an Ordinary Member.  Such members will be granted Concessional Life Membership with no further fees being payable.  They will receive a letter from the Committee to confirm the granting of this category of membership.

3.     Complementary Life Membership.  A member who has made a significant contribution to the Association either by way of a substantial financial or memorabilia donation, maybe awarded a Complementary Life Membership together with a letter from the committee confirming the granting of this membership.

4.     Honorary Life Membership.  Members over the age of 80 will be awarded Honorary Life Membership in recognition of their age status and contribution to both the community and the Corps.  They will receive a letter from the committee confirming the granting of this membership.

5.     Honorary Life Membership.  Members who have made and outstanding contribution to the Association will be awarded Honorary Life Membership together with a framed certificate confirming the granting of this membership.

In categories 3 and 5, nominations are to be submitted to the committee with supporting justification and documentation.  Nominations will be considered n a case by case basis.

Join Us

Membership of the RAE Association Victoria costs $25 per year with subscriptions due on 1 January each year. All members will receive an electronic copy of each issue Sapper Summit, the journal of the Association. Hard copies will be available to members without email. Applicants over the age of 65 may elect to pay ten times the annual fee to receive lifetime membership. Fees are not required from applicants over the age of 80.

Request and application form by contacting:

Royal Australian Engineers Association Victoria Inc

Honorary Secretary

56B Dublin Road


E-mail: jdavis01@bigpond.net.au

Alternatively, an application form can be downloaded from the site and forwarded with payment to the Secretary.

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